Brooklands is DDAPs’ day ticket water and is situated near Dartford town centre. Tickets can be purchased on the bank from one of our helpful bailiffs.

The complex has been under DDAPS control since the early 1930s and was one of the early pioneering waters of modern carp fishing. Carp have been there from the early days!

For those who have not visited this approximately 17 acre gravel pit complex for a while there have been some dramatic changes to the landscape. Many previously inaccessible places can now be fished in reasonable comfort via rebuilt pathways.

Lake Map

Baldwins Lake

DDAPS Baldwins Lake

This is the smallest area of water, adjacent to the River Darent. It is popular with clubs for matches (up to 30 pegs) and pleasure anglers. Over recent years we have invested in a heavy re-stocking programme with Carp, Tench, Bream Roach and Perch. Co-existing along with these species are Pike and Eels. The Carp in this lake go to over 20lbs and the Bream to over 7lbs.

Match and pleasure catches over 80lb are not uncommon in the summer, falling mainly to groundbait feeder tactics or sometimes the pole. There is a two rod limit on this lake. Barbless hooks are recommended but are not compulsory.

A2 Lake


Homebase Lake

DDAPS Homebase Lake

Competition Lake

DDAPS Competition Lake

This is the largest area and is stocked with the biggest fish on par with our Devon Road venue. The Carp and Pike go over 30lb, Tench over 7lb, Bream over 7lb, Perch to 3lb 12oz.

In matches big bags of Bream are reasonably common place to groundbait feeder tactics. Boilies and dog biscuit floaters work well for the Carp.

The cost of fishing Brooklands is as follows:

Day ticket dawn till dusk £12 (up to 3 rods)
A one night ticket £21 (24 hrs)
A two night ticket £35 (48 hrs)
Children under 15 £3 per rod