Health and Safety


DDAPS declares its aim to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all of its employees, visitors and customers, to ensure that all activities are carried out safely.

Visitors are reminded that no responsibility will be accepted for any accidents or damage to persons or property, however it may be caused.

It is equally the duty of every employee, customer and visitor to exercise responsibility and to do everything to prevent injury to themselves and others, for example by wearing protective clothing, by obeying safety instructions, notices and by the prompt reporting of accidents and potential hazards.

It is also the duty of every angler to:

  • Conduct themselves in a safe and healthy way so as not to expose risk to themselves or any other angler or visitor to the premises.
  • Wear protective clothing and equipment when needed.
  • Do not use tackle or equipment without training
  • Do not misuse tackle & equipment
  • Report any hazards you see
  • Clear up all litter when you leave your peg
  • Behave appropriately on the premises
  • Follow the Countryside Code
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult





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